Robert Papeo

Ana-Lisa Knox


Robert Papeo

Field Superintendent

With a degree in Architectural Design from Institute of Design & Construction, Robert Papeo got his start in construction working at his father’s millwork shop and interior fit out business.

After over 15 years of extensive experience managing multi-million dollar construction projects in the hospitality, retail, and healthcare sectors, Robert takes immense pride in his meticulous approach at every stage. From quality control management and strategic implementation to safety and compliance management, blueprint analysis, and handling both open shop and union projects, his skills have left a lasting impression on prestigious clients like Mount Sinai, Octagon Financial Services, and JFK and Newark airports.

Robert’s unwavering commitment to precision and meticulous task completion has consistently brought utmost satisfaction in his role as Field Superintendent at Talisen Construction. As a Talisen Super, Robert spearheads field operations from project initiation to completion, expertly coordinating and overseeing daily onsite activities and ensuring safety and adherence to schedules. Additionally, he collaborates closely with clients, building teams, and the Project Manager to facilitate seamless weekly updates and project meetings, driving efficient progress.

Robert has achieved a significant milestone in his career, starting as an apprentice in 1985 and gradually advancing to his current distinguished position. His journey, marked by working diligently with his tools, exemplifies his dedication and growth throughout the years.

During his leisure hours, Robert takes pleasure in indulging in a game of golf alongside his friends and family, relishing the challenges it presents.

"My favorite part about my position at Talisen is working with my team to accomplish the same goal and get the job done."