Olivia Nasser

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Olivia Nasser

Assistant Project Manager

Since she was a child, Olivia loved playing with Legos, trying to create something new every time. Her parents realized from a young age that she would be a builder, which is why they gave her all the support she needed to complete her Master of Science in Architecture program. Though Olivia began her career in urban planning, she transitioned into project management after moving to New York City in 2020.

Olivia is responsible for several day-to-day and long-term duties that contribute to the success of a project in her role as Assistant Project Manager at Talisen. Olivia’s principal tasks include developing project timelines, critical path analysis, and keeping submission logs, RFIs, and change orders throughout the length of the project. Additionally, she routinely visits the project site to discuss weekly task minutes with the client, subcontractor teams, and Talisen’s field team.

A major career accomplishment of Olivia’s is her experience working as a project manager for an office front project at the NBA headquarters in NYC.

Olivia’s favorite hobby is playing the piano. She began playing at just 5 years old and grew up with music as her greatest companion.

"My favorite part about working at Talisen is having the opportunity to learn and work with challenging healthcare projects."
Olivia Nasser