As Business Unit Director at Talisen, Jerry brings over 15 years of construction experience. Having grown up the son of a mason, and spending much of his childhood years on construction sites, Jerry decided to pursue a career in Architecture due to his love of design and building. Graduating from New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Architecture, Jerry spent eight years in design build and development scenarios before making the switch to the constructor side of the business.

His key responsibilities at Talisen include managing project and client relations for accounts such as a leading technology firm, Taconic Management, A&E Networks, and KAO Brands. Jerry plays an important role in mentoring and growing teams at Talisen, while teaching our process and philosophy along the way. An inclusive role in the estimating, project management, and close-out phases keep Jerry on the pulse of the projects. Trade coordination, logistics, and safety planning all play an important part in Jerry’s daily responsibilities.

In his free time, Jerry enjoys the team aspect of organizational sports, such as baseball, as well as the camaraderie it provides.

Trying to envision the road map for Talisen is an exciting part of my position. Visions of the future are always something that I enjoy working on.

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