In his role as Project Manager at Talisen Construction, Jeremy brings over 10 years of construction experience as a project superintendent and project manager. After getting his start as an analyst for a venture capital firm that sponsored developers, Jeremy became interested in the more tangible side of the industry and wanted to play a part in making projects come to fruition.

In his capacity as Project Manager, Jeremy is responsible for driving projects from estimate or budget phase through completion and close-out. This includes project estimation, project leveling, procurement, and execution. Jeremy is responsible for overseeing the overall success of the project — interfacing with the client, assigned Assistant Project Manager, Field Superintendent, and subcontractors to ensure that the client is delighted.

Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys mountain sports, tennis, and rugby. He also loves to travel and believes the best way to learn about a different culture is to experience it first hand.

I love the collaborative environment at Talisen. Not only within our team, but the way the culture lends itself to including the subcontractors, clients, and consultants as integral parts of the team in every project.

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