Construction in the education industry is a true test of a contractor’s abilities.

Strict deadlines, multi-faceted scopes of work, and the highest attention paid to permitting and department of building regulations are all a staple of these projects. Talisen is well-experienced in this field and able to accommodate any challenges a project may present.

Discover the groundbreaking construction technologies and industry smart tools that assist in completing education builds on-time and on-budget in Breaking the Bottleneck: How Technology is Transforming Commercial Construction.

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Building for Resiliency: Returning to School with New COVID-19 Considerations

How can schools reopen safely this fall amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? This question is on everyone’s minds lately in the NY metro area— educators, students, and parents alike. Though it is largely understood that no single action will eliminate the risk of Coronavirus transmission entirely— intervening with multiple, coordinated procedures and protocols can work. . .

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So, We’ve Got a Podcast Now

This is the Story of Talisen Talk If you’re going to build in a big city, you’ve got to be willing to ask big questions. The commercial construction industry is changing in real time. Everything’s evolving – the tools, technology, and talent available make it possible to do amazing work, but only if we understand. . .

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5 Types of Buildings NYC Needs

Major Progress Spawns New Problems: Solutions for NYC’s Built Environment New York City, a thriving metropolis where social, political and technological breakthroughs happen daily. As the city’s focus shifts constantly for the sake of progress, there will be topics that are neglected, even ignored, and the consequences catastrophic. Issues not unlike the energy crisis, poverty, global. . .

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Bob Dylan and the Power of Reinvention

New years is in the rear view, and your “resolution” may be too–but it’s never to late to reinvent! As a construction company we help to empower organizations focused on creativity, wellness, and community improvement by building beautifully functional spaces along with our colleagues in the architecture, engineering and real estate professions.  With that in. . .

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Mentor Materials: Talisen Shadow-Day!

Just a few weeks back Talisen was thrilled to host our first-ever Shadow Day! Part of Professional Women in Construction’s Mentor program. Kristy Tougas, an intern and current Architecture Major at Columbia University joined us for the day to gain some first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work in the Construction Management/General Contracting Industry.. . .

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Talisen Construction Corporation: Construction Management and General Contractor. MCC logo in puzzle-piece themed wall design.

Charter Schools: Metamorphosing New York City’s Buildings

Like it or not, charter schools are taking up more and more space in New York City, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. With almost two hundred charters populating the five boroughs since 1999, these schools that pride themselves on creativity have been forced to get inventive with their facilities.. . .

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